Is  a dance floor lover for more than 20 years. Since she remembers, music has always been in her daily life.

At the age of 12 she started to play flute and later on classic guitar.
Professionally she’se always been working around electronic music, dj’s, producers and party promotion.

For 1 year, she was also a radio host with a 3h daily radio show in “Radio +” (93.7Fm) and a weekly author radio show – “+ Interessante”.

More recently she was booker & manager of the Portuguese Producer & DJ – Otimai aka Nuno Pereira – also her teacher and husband and she is a social media manager, among many other activities. She also does voices and sings but she considers herself as an amateur. In the past at the radio she did some spots with Reason and she’s done some musical experiments. So now it’s also the perfect time to start exploring Logic Pro and see what happens.

And how did she start to Dj? 2 years ago she restarted to learn at home and after some “training” and hours and hours of practice she started to play in private home after parties with friends.

She thought she was shy to do it but…Friends started to encourage her to come out of the box! So it happened… naturally… no pressure, just letting flow and here she is now – So happy doing it!!! She really enjoys djing and feel the dance floor vibes. Each time more and more! AMAZING!!!

Above all she really love MUSIC!!!

We are proud to present Blue Crystal on our label!!!


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